How a critically acclaimed comedy became the butt of its own joke

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett inside the show’s iconic banana stand. (“Jason Bateman, Will Arnett” by André-Pierre is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Fifteen years after it premiered, Arrested Development succumbed to its titular metaphor. After a grisly interview with the cast, the fifth season looked like a Bluth construction project: something with potential that never got off the ground.

To promote the fifth season, the cast of AD gave a roundtable interview…

And was crowned as an immortal meme

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Donald Trump has no principles. This has been abundantly clear since the beginning of his political life, and well beforehand. But his recklessness and lack of a coherent platform, never mind his disregard for democracy, contaminated the GOP.

In addition to Trump’s many personal flaws (far too many to list…

Is he lost in a maze?

“Will Poulter & Dylan O’Brien” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

For a while there, Dylan O’Brien seemed like the next up-and-coming white boy in Hollywood. Making his acting debut on the hit series Teen Wolf (2011–17), where he played Tyler Posey’s sidekick for seven seasons, O’Brien made a strong impression with fans who appreciated him as an honest and funny…

Don’t even get me started on Armie Hammer…

Elena Ringo , CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

“The hardest thing to be nowadays is a straight white male,” bemoan conservative blogs. Oh, the humanity! But for every self-pitying cisgender male, there’s another one who has figured out how to use the progressive movement for his own agenda.

Take Timothee Chalamet. In his breakout role, he played seventeen-year-old…

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